Tuesday, January 18, 2011

28 Days to MvC3

With 28 days to go, here's a little snippet from Seth "S-kill" Killian on Phoenix. Phoenix may have looked a bit underwhelming in her video premiere, but Seth assures us that her full potential hasn't been properly shown off yet. From a post on Ask Capcom, we learn the following about the mysterious Phoenix:

  • Due to her low health, she really can't take many hits.
  • Her healing shield super only heals her when her opponent is within its boundaries. She can't just run away and heal.
  • You can use Dark Phoenix for an unlimited time in training mode.
  • While tagged-out, she regains health like any other character. She also has specific, powered-up Dark Phoenix assists.
  • Videos showing her "best bits" will be available soon.

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