Thursday, September 30, 2010

Sakura SFA2 Combos

Keiko Mars of the SFZ2 Blog posted this nice combo video for Sakura in Street Fighter Alpha 2. It's almost more of a combo encyclopedia or reference video than a flashy combo video. Sakura actually used to be a force to be reckoned with. I remember John Choi getting an all-day win-streak with her at E3 one year.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010


According to Shoryuken, there may be a hint in a recent trailer indicating that MODOK is in the Marvel vs Capcom 3. MODOK is known for using purely psionic abilities, including controlling groups of people and creating impenetrable force fields. Is this the mind-melting character Seth has been talking about?

Mago vs Momochi @ SBO 2010

This recent match of Vanilla SF4 is one of the most intense I've ever seen.

Nintendo 3DS Coming Out Party

Last night, Nintendo held a press conference to announce the official details of their upcoming 3DS. The system will launch in Japan on February 26, 2011 and March in the U.S. The new handheld will have a Gameboy and Gameboy Color Virtual Console service to download classic games like Mario Land and Link's Awakening. Capcom has announced two new Resident Evil games, Mega Man Legends 3(!), and SSF4: 3D Edition for the system.

SSF4:3D will take advantage of the system's previously-announced Tag Mode to match players up in automatically-occurring battles. It is unclear what affects the outcome of these battles, as well as what is earned from participating in them. Perhaps taunts and colors are unlocked by Tag Mode. The game will include all 35 characters from the console release and will presumably be available at or around the 3DS launch. A trailer explaining the new features (in Japanese) is all the information we have right now.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Prodigal Son Returns

I apologize for my hiatus the past few days. I had a major FDNY exam that I'd been studying for. With that out of the way I'll resume my usual updates. It should be an interesting few weeks, too. Capcom is announcing something at 2:00am EST tonight, and next week is NY Comic Con. There will be MvC3 news, and I'll be in attendance!
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Friday, September 24, 2010

SSF4 Croutch Glitch by Desk

Desk, aka biffotasy on Youtube, found this odd glitch in SSF4 training mode. If you record a dummy to crouch for exactly one frame, then play that back, the character will no longer turn around to face the opponent. It may not do much, but the implications are only beginning to be discovered. The tutorial is embedded below.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Know Your Tekken: Tekken Tag Tournament

Since Harada just announced it sequel, let us examine the original Tekken Tag Tournament. Released to arcades in 1999, TTT was a follow-up to Tekken 3. The arcade version was sold as an upgrade kit for Tekken 3, and the two games utilized the same graphics engine. The home version was the first Tekken game released for PlayStation 2 and featured an updated graphics engine. The game features two-on-two battles, with the ability to tag in a partner character, even mid-combo. Each character has a separate life bar, but if any one character is knocked out, the round is over. The game also features a precursor to Tekken 6's Rage system called Netsu Power. To activate Netsu Power, a player had to tag in a partner whose life bar was flashing red. This would occur when the current character had taken a certain amount of damage. The character tagged in with Netsu Power would deal more damage.

Tekken Tag differs from the mainline Tekken games in a few subtle, yet important ways. The plot of the game is a what-if scenario, separate from the main Tekken storyline. This allows for dream-match scenarios and unlikely teams, much like Capcom's versus games. Also like the versus games, it features tag-team gameplay. Where the versus series metaphor breaks down is in the character movesets.

In TTT, the characters' movesets are essentially the same as Tekken 3. TTT does not include over-the-top additions like super jumps and screen-filling supers. In spite of the similarities to Tekken 3, the tag mechanics provide variety and excitement for TTT fans. Just as Marvel fans are extremely enthusiastic about their favored series of games over the "regular" Street Fighter games, so are TTT fans more hype-prone than "standard" Tekken fans. The fast pace of Tekken Tag, the tension of managing both characters' life bars, and the variety of teams available made the game an obvious fan favorite. Over eleven years later, will Tekken Tag Tournament 2 prove a worthy successor?

Data and details from Tekken Zaibatsu.

Justin Wong Playing SSF4 Arcade Edition

These videos were found at via It's interesting to watch Justin use Yang for both his combos into ultra and his block-strings. He uses Yang much like he uses Fei Long, but with more offensive pressure. Check out the three videos below.

Monday, September 20, 2010

TGS News Round-up

Tokyo Game Show went down this past weekend, and there was quite a bit of news coming from the show. Here's a quick summary of the most interesting stories. Links below are to trailers for the respective games.


  • Katsuhiro Harada announced Tekken Tag Tournament 2.
  • Yun and Yang were officially confirmed for SSF4: Arcade Edition. A trailer was shown for the new outfits, coming to consoles via DLC. (All outfits can be seen at SRK.)
  • Tron Bonne, X-23, Spiderman, and Albert Wesker were announced for MvC3.
  • BlazBlue: Continuum Shift II announced as coming to arcades with the ability be updated via Internet downloads.
  • Japan's SBO (Tougeki) tournament took place at the show. The winning team in SF4 was Kindevu/Momochi/RF. Kindevu eliminated Daigo in the finals. Kuroda's team won Third Strike, to no one's surprise.

  • Ico and Shadow of the Colossus HD remakes were announced for PS3. They have 3D support, and both games are on one disc for $40.
  • Devil May Cry is getting a reboot by Ninja Theory, makers of Heavenly Sword.
  • Saturn classic Radiant Silvergun is being remade for XBLA.
  • Capcom is making Steel Battalion for Kinect, replacing the original's gigantic $200 controller with motion controls.
  • Suda 51 (Killer 7, No More Heroes) and Shinji Mikami (Resident Evil) announced their collaboration on Shadows of the Damned.
  • NanaOn-Sha, Masaya Matsuura's company (of Parappa fame,) is working on a cutesy horror game for Kinect called Haunt.
  • The upcoming Yakuza game, Yakuza: Of the End, takes a strange turn by taking place in Japan during a zombie apocalypse.
  • PSP Tactics Ogre was playable and reportedly very good. The graphics are said to keep a SNES sprite look, but with sharp 3D effects.
  • The 3rd Birthday, the new Parasite Eve game coming to PSP, plays more like an action/shooter game, but not in a bad way.
  • Castelvania: Lords of Shadow is said to be surprisingly good and should please Castlevania fans, even though it is 3D.
  • Phantasy Star Online 2 was announced, but Sega provided no details whatsoever.
  • Catherine, an adult-themed game about nightmares by the Persona team, looks crazy and potentially awesome.
  • Some former Panzer Dragoon staff are working on a spiritual successor, Project Draco, for Kinect.
  • A new Fire Pro-wrestling game will let you wrestle with your Xbox avatar.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Spiderman and Wesker in MvC3

From Gamespot's TGS site: Spiderman has some sort of web zip-line maneuver [his air dash?], and Wesker has a counter super.

Friday, September 17, 2010

SSF4: Arcade Edition Trailer

Obama Hosts Game Competition

No, Obama is not hosting a SSF4 tournament. The president is, however, rewarding developers who come up with innovative games to be used in education in the fields of math, science, technology, and engineering. Details at

Thursday, September 16, 2010

MvC3 Has Unblockables

According to Seth Killian (in this interview), X-23 has a low-hitting assist that can be combined with a high attack to cause an unblockable situation. The game doesn't even come out for several months, and the underhanded Marvel tactics are already developing. Just imagine what kind of dirty tricks will be found after the game actually gets released.

Hiropon Makes Seth Look Broken

Here's one of Hiropon's many matches from ShinAkuma's YouTube channel. Seth might be drastically changed soon, so enjoy this while it lasts.

Tron Bonne and X-23 in Motion

Tron certainly looks more capable than she did in MvC2, and X-23 looks amazing. She's so fast, but we all know that guarantees low defense. At 23 seconds into the second video she unleashes a Super that turns her invisible... but that's not all. She suddenly reappears with a highly-damaging blow. This was apparently the result of a hit or grab during her invisibility. This Super appears to be functionally equivalent to Q's Total Destruction, with the added benefit of invisibility. Actually, it also reminds me of Shuma Gorath's Chaos Dimension. Speaking of the inter-dimensional devil, can't they just announce him already?

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

X-23 is in MvC3

Whoever created that "fake" roster is incredibly prescient.

Source: Capcom Japan TGS Twitter via

SSF4 Location Test [Continually Updated]

As quickly as the rumor of Ingrid being in SSF4: Arcade Edition arose, it was squashed. One theory is that early on, someone mistook Cammy in an alternate outfit for Ingrid. Yun and Yang, however, are confirmed to be in the game.

This is a location test; therefore, this is all subject to change. Recording is prohibited, so all information is hearsay. It may be inaccurate. Don't panic!

Info from informants and Japanese Wiki. [My thoughts in brackets.] Sketchy information (conflicting reports or I suspect misperception) in italics:

  • Yun's Ultra I is You Hou.
  • Yun's Ultra II is Sorai Rengeki.
  • Yun's Super is Genei Jin.
  • Genei Jin combos can do 50% - 60% damage.
  • Yun/Yang palm-push can be faked.
  • Yun/Yang EX palm-push does wall-bounce.
  • Yun/Yang f+MK overhead can cross-up a downed opponent.
  • Yang's Ultra I is Raishin Mahaken.
  • Yang's Ultra II is Tenshin Senkyutai.
  • Yang's Super is Seiei Enbu.
  • Seiei Enbu combos can do 35% - 40% damage.
  • Tornado Throw does less damage.
  • Breathless has more recovery.
  • Rolls have more recovery.
  • EX Jaguar Tooth doesn't flash until he hits the wall.
  • j.MK [hitbox?] changed.
  • Air Tatsu doesn't "helicopter" away for good escapes. [This change was definitely in an early version of Super at one point (I saw it in some videos); I wonder if it'll stay this time.]
  • EX Shoryu does less damage.
  • HP Red Fireball does more damage.
  • Ultra II is faster and may combo from FADC'd Shoryu.
  • Walk speed may be decreased.
  • Ultra II is HCBx2 motion.
  • Blocked Blanka Ball leaves him much closer, about half the old distance.
  • "Tiger Knee" Cannon Strike no longer possible (except EX).
  • Normals combo more easily.
  • HK Cannon Drill can only hit twice from closer distances.
  • DF+LK has decreased priority.
  • Sweep has lowered stun or priority.
  • Walk speed is faster.
  • EX Zonk travels shorter distance.
  • MK Ruffian Kick reaches further.
  • HK Ruffian Kick hitbox changed to hit crouching opponents.
  • Bad Stone has greater "hit-back" (whatever that means.)
  • Jumping Taunt goes higher.
  • [Close?] s.HK hits overhead.
  • EX Air Slasher travels much faster.
  • Yoga Fire builds less meter.
  • EX Ducking added. It doesn't have armor, but may recover more quickly.
  • c.HK is faster.
  • j.RH knocks down as air-to-air.
  • Rose Throw has less recovery and does more hit-stun.
  • Ultra II command is HCBx2.
  • Less damage output.
  • Ultra II does less damage.
  • Chicken Wing start-up invincibility decreased.
  • Gains two new target combos in Mantis (P) stance.
  • Jumping Ultra II is faster.
  • LP rush doesn't travel forward but comes out faster.
  • Counter low with LP, high with MP.
  • Properties of HP Counter are unknown.
  • Less damage output.
  • Whiffed Sonic Boom builds less meter.
  • Hitboxes tweaked on MP-HP target combo.
  • Ultra II has better range and less recovery on whiff.
  • Flip grab does about 40% less damage.
  • LP Hozanto is safer on block.
  • HP Hozanto is faster.
  • F+MP overhead hits twice.
  • Dash speed increased.
  • Elbow drop does more hit-stun.
  • Successive oil-ups are cumulative, adding additional time.
  • Oil Slide has follow-up with K, which oils-up.
  • Oil Dive (360+K) can be canceled during foot-slipping animation.
  • Jump arc may be changed.
  • Something changed regarding her target combos. [My guess is that she regained c.HK -> s.HK from Third Strike.]
  • Some properties of Kunai have changed. [Less damage/stun? Harder to cross-up?]
  • Store Fireball combos into other moves.
  • Walk speed increased.
  • Air EX Tatsu can be blocked low.
  • Jab SRK has more recovery.
  • Can juggle off anti-air SRK with EX Hadouken.
  • Ultra II is a charge motion.
  • Ultra II has more recovery.
  • EX Hayate (dash punch) breaks armor.
  • Walk speed increased slightly.
  • Fukiage (up-punch) is better [hitbox/damage?]
  • Axe Kicks changed to be "more like Third Strike."
  • Oroshi (overhead chop) has more invincibility.
  • Back-dash changed [with regards to its "frames."]
  • Soul Satellite lost start-up invincibility.
  • Ultra II does less damage.
  • Air Tatsu doesn't "helicopter" away for good escapes.
  • s.LK is one-hit and cancelable, like in Vanilla SF4.
  • LK Tiger Knee is more like in Vanilla SF4.
  • Tiger Uppercut does more damage.
  • Angry Scar is now performed with K.
  • j.HP is not stretchy.
  • Worse hitbox on j.D+MK stomps.
  • Ultra I sends out a projectile that can be negated.
  • EX Condor Dive with 3K can be performed during back jump.
  • s.HP has increased priority.
  • Ultra II has increased range or priority.
  • EX Scarlet Terror is better for wakeup [perhaps due to more invincibility.]
  • EX Izuna Drop does less damage.
  • Forward dash is faster.
  • Back-dash is slower.
  • Range and recovery on Ultra II increased.
  • EX Hand doesn't knock down, but leaves Gief at frame advantage for serious mix-ups.
  • Increased priority on P and K Lariats.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

King of Fighters XIII Match

KoF XII was a mess, but popular opinion is that KoF XIII is a successful comeback for the franchise. I haven't covered KoF XIII enough lately, so here's a recent tournament match from Arcade Infinity. It always warms my heart to see grapplers excel, and Raiden looks really good in this game. Knowing that Raiden's drop kick is performed by holding K for four seconds, like a Quesadilla Bomb, may help you understand the match better.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Let's Talk About Seth, Baby

In the current test build for Super Street Fighter 4: Arcade Edition, Seth is vastly different from his former self. He no longer has a long-reaching j.HP; this alone makes him a completely different character. His Ultra I has also been replaced by something that functions more like a projectile. What does this mean for Seth players?

To describe Seth's role in Super, I'll use an analogy: Seth is to Dhalsim as Akuma is to Ryu. Allow me to explain. Akuma is basically Ryu with a few more moves (air fireball, teleport), greater damage potential, and lower health. The same applies to Seth as compared to Dhalsim. Both Seth and Dhalsim are able to zone out the opponent with extending limbs and fireballs. When the opponent closes in, they can teleport to safety. Seth, like Akuma, has additional offensive tools, like his Spinning Piledriver, D+MK headstomps, and a Shoryuken. Whereas playing Akuma is all about his relentless offense, Seth is still able to be played extremely defensively, like a Dhalsim with more options. His feeble health, however, makes it all the more dangerous when an opponent breaks that defense. Arcade Edition apparently attempts to change this.

Without his extending limbs, Seth will go from being an alternate version of Dhalsim to a new and separate character. The j.FP change takes away a huge part of his zoning game, as does the change to his Ultra I. Instead of being able to poke away from full screen, then unleash Ultra on any slight mistake, Seth will need to find way to get close to his opponents. He'll be more focused on offense than he is on defense. I welcome this change. If Capcom gives Seth more health, then that should make up for losing his defensive tools. Currently, Seth's 700 points of health force players to err on the side of caution, taking no chances and running away incessantly. With health levels akin to the other characters', Seth will be able to take more risks moving in and rushing down opponents. In fact, he will be forced to, unable to rely on full-screen turtling and runaway tactics. I believe that this is a case where apparent nerfs could actually lead to a more powerful character.

Third Strike Highlight Reel

Amazing Third Strike videos are becoming more common every day. Here we have a compilation of highlights from various recent matches. There are split-second dizzy recoveries and even proof that Chun v. Chun can be exciting. My favorite moment is the Hugo-on-Hugo brutality at 4:20. As usual, the "excitable Japanese announcer" warning applies.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Sareena in Mortal Kombat 9?

Ed Boon released this image on Twitter, teasing a character from the new Mortal Kombat. It appears to be Sareena, Quan Chi's servant from MK Mythologies: Sub Zero. Please take this time to familiarize yourself with Quan Chi's #1 gal by viewing the video below.

(Yes, I've been looking for any opportunity to post this video. Finally!)

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Tron Bonne Revealed for MvC3!

Tron Bonne is back! She saw limited use in MvC2 (mostly for her γ assist) but could be a very interesting character if developed further. In the Mega Man Legends games, her Gustaff mech is immensely powerful. Will MvC3 be able to showcase its abilities better than MvC2 did?

In-Arcade DLC

Andriasang reports that Taito announced its NESiCAxLive digital distribution system for arcades at the AMOU show in Japan today. The first title to utilize the system will be BlazBlue: Continuum Shift II. The new game can download balance patches and other additional content from the Internet directly to the arcade machine. This allows games to be patched and maintained in an arcade setting just as they are on modern consoles. Operators won't have to buy an entire new board every time a new revision of a game is released. Additionally, the system allows for entire games to be downloaded to an arcade machine. Operators can choose from a catalog of titles to install at any time, based on user demand.

The process of maintaining an arcade with fresh software has just become easier and cheaper than ever. Technology like this could have possibly saved the American arcade scene from collapse, had it been available in the 90's. Imagine cheaply replacing languishing titles with fresh updates or fan-favorite classics. The future is here for arcades, but unfortunately it will have little affect outside of Japan.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Dissidia Duodecim: Final Fantasy

According to Silicon Era, Square-Enix just announced a sequel to 2008's dream-match fighting game, Dissidia: Final Fantasy. The convoluted title of the new game is Dissidia Duodecim: Final Fantasy. The only details that have been revealed are two of the playable characters: Final Fantasy IV's Kain and Final Fantasy XIII's Lightning. The original was a fun game, if not a tournament-worthy fighter. Even if this is essentially the same game with a new roster, I'd say it's probably worth picking up when it comes out in 2011.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Street Fighter High: The Musical

Cool cameos, including PrincessAura as Ibuki, and a real knowledge of Street Fighter make this worth watching. Did I really catch a reference to the above artwork?

KoF Movie Worst in Every Dimension

Did you know that a feature-length, live-action King of Fighters movie exists? It actually came out on DVD this week. It is worse than you can imagine, and the proof is embedded below. Some sound effects from the games were edited in by the uploader, but otherwise this is all actual footage from the terrible, terrible movie.

The Craziest Character Ever is Coming

According to Seth Killian on Capcom-Unity's Ustream from PAX, a not-yet-revealed Marvel character in MvC3 is "the most ridiculous thing" Capcom has ever put in a fighting game. He mentioned that the character would be completely broken, if not for clever balancing by the game's designers. Could it be a playable boss, ala Apocalypse? Is it a huge character, like Galactus, that plays more like a TvC giant? Maybe it's one of Marvel's powerful telepaths, wielding unusual telekinetic powers. With more reveals set for Tokyo Game Show next week, it shouldn't be long until we find out.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Fei Long Looking Sharp

From Ono's Twitter, this is Fei Long's new outfit.
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Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Death of 3rd Strike

It's no secret that I've been really into Third Strike lately. I've been so enamored with the game that I recently decided to get a 3rd Strike arcade board. While the PS2 and emulated versions of Third Strike are not bad at all, there's something magical about playing the arcade version of a game.

I thought it'd be a simple matter to get a hold of an old arcade game; however, I ran into several issues. 3rd Strike was released in several territories, namely Asia, Japan, and the USA. The Asian No-CD version is to be avoided, as it lacks many of the game's sound effects. The Japanese version has a second "Rev A" that changes the game for the worse, mostly by removing unblockables. The USA version is undesirable for another reason entirely, the "suicide battery."

The suicide battery is contained in an essential piece of the 3S arcade hardware, the security cartridge (right, above). While most of the game data is contained on a CD-ROM, the security cartridge is like a special key that unlocks the decrypted game data. In an apparent attempt to thwart tampering and piracy, these security cartridges are equipped with this suicide battery. If the battery is removed from the cartridge, it is destroyed. Even when the battery eventually runs out, the cartridge is destroyed. The 3rd Strike arcade hardware is essentially a ticking time bomb destined to commit seppuku. At this time, all of the original batteries in Third Strike cartridges are either dead or close to dying. Only Capcom Japan can restore a dead board, and they only support the Japanese version. If you have a dead USA 3S, you are out of luck.

In spite of this, there are remedies for this built-in obsolescence. The battery can be swapped, but it is very tricky. One must open the cartridge and swap the battery while the system is powered on. This sounds simple enough, except for one problem: the battery is soldered into the cartridge. Of course, the battery can be desoldered with very careful and prolonged effort. Keep in mind that if power is lost to the board for even a moment, it will be rendered permanently useless. So, it is possible to salvage these dying relics, but the process is anything but straightforward.

In light of the difficulty in obtaining the proper version, as well as the entire suicide battery conundrum, I've decided that the PS2 version of Third Strike will be sufficient to hold me over until 3S: Online's release.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

SSF4 Trials Too Easy?

Combo specialist desk (biffotasty on Youtube) proves that Ryu's trials can be performed one-handed!

Where's Wong Who?

Today's been a slow news day, so I thought I'd share this. I found this Where's Waldo-esque art in Capcom's SF3 Secret File over at I like the interaction between different iterations of the characters, like SF1 and Alpha Birdie. How many of these characters do you recognize?