Monday, January 17, 2011

Akuma and Taskmaster Join the Cast

It should come as no surprise that Akuma and Taskmaster are in Marvel vs Capcom 3. Akuma looks mostly like his MvC2 incarnation, with a few additions: He has his demon flip now, and the palm follow-up does a ground bounce. His dive kick OTG's, allowing for re-launch combos. He can combo into a ground hurricane kick, then into a launcher for huge damage. Also, his supers seem to have beam-type and fireball-type variations. I'm not sure how to perform these variations or what effects they will have. Finally, his Raging Demon travels full-screen very quickly and has a ton of invincibility.

Taskmaster is the first character revealed that looks completely unappealing to me. He's got a sword and a gun, but doesn't seem to be able to use his sword as well as Dante nor his gun as well as Deadpool. He has a counter super, which is almost always disappointing. He can do Spiderman's Spider Swing for extended air combos, and  seems to have Captain America's Stars & Stripes. His bow and arrow is somewhat unique, however. He can do all sorts of angled projectile attacks from the ground and the air. He can even fire arrows vertically into the air, only to have them rain down later. I think he looks like a real dud, but I wouldn't mind being proven wrong.

Videos via Eventhubs YouTube channel (since I really didn't want to embed IGN's crummy player, complete with commercials).

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  1. I have to agree, Taskmaster looks clownish and very hastily done. He mimics other peoples' moves, so he should be able to inherit an ability from whoever he's fighting, in a similar fashion to Rogue. If all he is is arrows and swords, not impressed at all.

    Gouki doesn't look like anything to jump around about, either. Sad.