Friday, June 10, 2011

Dante's Bold Blocking Technique

EviltoasterofFP posted this interesting video on YouTube. For those that don't know, here's a little background to explain how this works. Dante has what is essentially a special move that makes him jump. It is called Bold Move and is done with any Attack button + Special, like Wolverine's Drill Claw. Dante can cancel many of his normal attacks and even special moves into Bold Move. Bold Move itself can then be canceled into other actions. If you see Dante performing a prolonged combo, he is definitely using Bold Move cancels throughout.

What Eviltoaster shows is that the first five frames of Bold Move can be canceled into a block. Since commands can be input during any super-freeze, Dante can Bold-cancel whatever he's doing by pressing A+S while the screen is frozen. He can hold back throughout, blocking any super that would hit within five frames. This is similar to what most characters can do if they are about to be caught in a super while dashing. Since they cannot block while dashing, they simply hold up-back during the freeze, canceling the dash into a jump, allowing them to instantly air-block.

Though the video makes it seem as if Dante cannot use Bold-block against certain hypers, he actually can. The examples given show only "no-brainer" scenarios, wherein you can hold back and tap A+S during the super-freeze. Something like Tron's Lunch Rush would require you to time the input a few frames after the super-freeze. It would be more difficult, but certainly not impossible.

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