Thursday, June 16, 2011

A Wild Ride

So, as you may have heard, I'm currently writing news for iPlayWinner. You can ready just my posts at this link. I'm supposed to be a news guy, but I can submit ideas for features as well. I just wanted to talk about how the job has been for these first few days.

On this site, I blogged about whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted. Now, I may have to cover AE or Tekken 6 from time to time. Here, I sometimes tried to get a news story up before any of the big sites, but that was only for my own satisfaction. Now, speed matters. These two little changes mean that I am constantly writing news posts. I think that the original idea was that they'd throw me a link to cover here or there, but I just started searching out the stories myself. A few things happened in these last few days that made me super-proud: Keits at SRK basically cribbed one of my stories, a fan on Twitter proclaimed iPlayWinner the best and fastest at delivering fighting game news, Texas arcade-owner and gamer Fubarduck retweeted one of my stories, and Test Your Might posted one of my stories verbatim.

As soon as I get a chance, I'll post a follow-up about my philosophy as an Internet newsie.

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