Monday, February 28, 2011

MvC3 In the Lab: To-do List

After playing MvC3 at Winter Brawl last weekend, I came away quite satisfied with my performance; however, I knew I had a ton of stuff to improve. I started making what I thought would be a short list of things to research and work on. Here is the unabridged stream-of-consciousness mess. Note that I was inconsistent in putting question marks throughout; basically everything should be followed with a question mark. I'll try figure out the best solutions to all of these issues and chronicle them in more detail on this blog. Keep in mind that this list is only for the team I'm currently playing. Stay tuned. It's going to get deep!

-Crossup C/S

Wesker/Dante Teleport Punishes
-M-S, air combo, finish/fly-throw reset

Punishing Assists
-Doom Missiles (Teleport away?)
-Sentinel Drones (Teleport works)

Stopping Phoenix Rising
-Gamma Crush?
-Floating Bomb/Chaotic Flame Chip?
-Hard Drive?

Countering Fly Instant-OH (e.g. Magnus/Storm)
-Dorm M/c.M?
-jump back?
-Jump back, tri-dash toward/back?
-Hulk M or H?
-Sentinel S?

Stopping Max Wesker
-Flame Carpet (works if out, but on reaction?)
-Blocking Crossup
-Hulk AA Assist/Tag Counter
-Purification Assist
-Sentinel Armor
-Any Hypers?
-A1+A2 Combo
-Dorm lvl3?

Aerial Exchange

A1+A2 Combos
-Hulk M
-Dorm M
-Sentinel H

DHC into Hulk DP Super

Follow-ups to Hulk AA Assist
-1R+2B Meteors
-sj Hard Drive?

Blocking Jump-in Hi-Lo Pressure
-Zero j.C
-Wolvie j.L, drill, divekick
-Tron Bonne crossups
-Spidey (swings)

Throw Combos (incl. Hulk command throw)
-Hulk cross-over
-Hyper-DHC to lvl3

Purification Assist Follow-ups
-sj Hard Drive?
-Gamma Crush

Purification Assist OTGs
-after air combos?
-after throw/command throw

Sentinel on Point
-Air-to-air combos of j.L
-j.L-H-S A2G
-keeping normals safe (fly cancels)
-AA Rocket Punch
-double-jump/fly/Hard Drive in (after character KO)
-j.H,fly,j.M to cover jump-away

Assist after OTG (Purification, Gamma Wave, Rocket Punch)
-Purification/Dark Hole
-Hulk AA
-Sentinel after Gamma Quake? (require Hulk XFC?)

Hulk DP+LP~MP Combo Starters
-j.H-S, s.M?

Hulk AA DPs?
-Follow-ups (M/H)?
-Cancel into Hyper?

Punishing Sentinel Whiffs
-Hulk/Sent command grab?
-Dorm normal-launch

Blocking side switches
-Zero+Assist (IM)

Block pressure into throw
-Sentinel assist, Hulk throw

Crouching under Dorm c.M

Dorm Fly Overhead
-Fly Dash over for Assist Crossup?

Dorm A2A M (RyRy's fave)

Trish/Phoenix fly away traps
-Dorm teleport
-Sentinel flight/Hard Drive
-Hulk QCF+L~H? Dash-Gamma Crush?

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