Tuesday, March 1, 2011

There Are No Words

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  1. And with this I may as well announce that my tour de fighting games has come to an end. MvC3 was going to be the test of how much interest I held in the genre; I was so excited to play. The roster, the music, the gameplay; all amazing would be the best way to keep me interested. I spent almost 200 bucks on this gamble, via new stick and the collector's edition; its not like I wasn't gong to try. Similarly, its not like the game is bad, my taste for it is simply done. I played it, I picked the characters I planned to. I just don't feel it anymore. I'd rather play super, which is ironic because I thought mvc would kill super for me. KOF was dead to me with 12. Nothing else enticed me.

    But back on topic. This place, though I stopped going long ago, and cemented no visit when gameplay was up to a dollar, was legendary to me. I remember first using Omega Rugal in KOF95 and people asking how I got to play them. The same for SF3:SI; Carmine I'm pretty sure you were with me and it may actually had been you that secured the code. I remember trying one of the SFR games and being wholly embarrassed at my performance. Getting disgusted at Geese's 'infinite' in SvC:Chaos and walking off the machine. My winning streak in the teens in KOF2k2, and my embarrassing loss to Joe Higashi, whom I've always had trouble with. Watching MvC2 being plated at an unfathomable level and wishing I could learn how to switching to flying to continue air combos with flying characters. Serious I could go on forever.

    CTF and fighting games, I will miss the memories. Rest in peace.

  2. So, you're announcing a retirement that took place years ago? [rimshot!]

    I'm surprised the crazy combo potential of MvC3 doesn't appeal to you. X-Factor canceling and DHCing is a lot like the SF EX stuff you always enjoyed. There's no way that you've experienced that much of the game in only a few days' play. Furthermore, the crazy fly/unfly stuff is now able to be done by humans in MvC3. Check out mission mode, and give it a try.

    Whatever happened to playing for fun? Were you ever a tourney player? What are you retiring from? Why so serious?