Monday, January 24, 2011

22 Days to MvC3

This video, which I found over at SRK, is noteworthy despite its horrendous camera work. It shows off a few new combos that use Skrull's DP move and Dante's Devil Trigger mode. The combos vary slightly from what we've been seeing in the game's earlier showings, indicating that we should see a lot of improvisation once the game is widely available. Also, the video clearly shows how X-Factor can be used to cancel block-stun. Dante is able to avoid chip damage by X-Factoring his block and the using an invincible reversal Super. This defensive use of X-Factor could end up being a major factor in future MvC3 matches.

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  1. Btw Car the soundtrack on this one is amazing, a must have. I'm keeping my eyes out for it; if you see it I'm assuming you want one, grab me one too? I'll do the same if I see it