Monday, January 31, 2011

15 Days to Galactus' Attack

I would embed the leaked Galactus video that was on YouTube right here, but it has been taken down. Instead, I'll do my best to describe the boss encounter. The scene from the Akuma reveal trailer showing Cosmic Doom is from the final boss battle. You actually fight Cosmic Doom and Cosmic Akuma simultaneously. Once they are defeated, you fight Galactus. He only appears from the chest up on the right side of the screen and is huge, like Apocalypse from XMvSF and MSHvSF. He takes huge swipes with his hands and shoots lasers from his eyes. Apparently, he has a Super of sorts that causes him to move behind the playfield and blast lasers from his fingertips and eyes simultaneously. He looks pretty cool, but is very likely to be unplayable.

UPDATE: I found a YouTube video that works, but who knows for how long...


  1. I'm kind of disappointed that he's the boss, moreso that they made him look Apocolypse-esque, and at the same time he looks badass. I was hoping for something more though. Oh well

  2. I have to agree with Marty on this one. Real let down...

    Galactus looks like he is going to be a pushover. unload supers on his face since he can't block and GG. I'm guessing the people playing just had downz since they didn't switch or anything.

    Mech Gouki > Galactus