Monday, July 11, 2011

Hints for Upcoming MvC3 Reveals

I know most of my readers don't even play MvC3, and one of you has never played it; however, there's usually some excitement for possible roster additions. There are definitely MvC3 announcements coming very soon, which may include DLC characters or an entirely upgraded version of the game. Lupinko is known for leaking the original MvC3 roster way before any official reveals. Now, he's back at it, but this time with only subtle hints. Check his Twitter for the latest hints, but here's what he's said so far (exact quotes in bold) and my completely pulled-out-of-thin-air guesses as to what they mean. (I'll add to them over time.)

1) clockw0rk = Strider

2) indeed, getting hype = Hyper MvC3

3) bill cosby = Heathcliff Huxtable = Heathcliff the cat playable, or Ghost Dad, or jello = The Blob

4) wolverine not getting sick = Wolvie gains healing factor [I hope not!]. Is there something/someone in the comics that makes Wolvie sick?

5) 12 donuts = Niitsuma ate 12 donuts for Xmas, significance? 12 new characters?

6) something red = Red Skull (Cap villain in upcoming movie) or Red Arremer

7) car engine = pistons? spark plug? combustion? horsepower?

Famous Online Warrior Maximillian says that Ken and Strider are looking likely, though I'm not sure where he got this info.

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