Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Street Fighter X Tekken Gameplay Details

Here I'll list any gameplay details found in the trailers and announcements during E3 2011.

Added 6/8/11

  • Ken's overhead kick can ground-bounce, allowing for combos afterward
  • Juggles are possible basically any time the opponent is in the air. Maximillian compares it to the pre-dizzy state in 3S
  • Tag-canceling specials works like FADCing. Seth says you can combo into Ken's hurricane kick, then tag-cancel to continue the combo.
  • Sagat has his kara-cancelable F+LK and F+HK.
  • Multi-part throws are in and are breakable. Nina has at least one.
  • Backdash appears to have some invincibility, ala SF4.

Added 6/7/11
  • Cammy, Hworang, Julia, Sagat officially announced
  • Cammy's "tiger-knee" dive-kick is back
  • All characters apparently have a Tekken-like launcher move
  • Meter is 3 bars
  • You can tag mid-combo and continue with the next character (costs 1 bar)
  • You can super-cancel from special moves
  • Abel has an EX Tackle that causes wallbounce
  • Promises "upgraded online functionality"
  • Chains can be performed mid-air
  • Chain combo into launcher is possible
  • Whiffed launcher leaves you at major disadvantage
  • Launcher -> tag -> combo -> launcher works, but you may not be able to combo after second launcher
  • Whiffing normals gives some meter
  • "Alpha-counter" tags are possible
  • "Tech tag" possible on wakeup

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