Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Stream Monsters' Ball: Best Week Ever

There is so much incredible fighting action going on this week that I decided to post a breakdown of everything just to sort it all out. Want to see the very first AE tourneys? Is MVC3 still evolving? Is MK picking up steam? One thing's for sure: This week is a great one for fighting fans!

Guard Crush 17 is going on right now at Next Level in Brooklyn. Spooky is out of town, so the usually godlike stream is being handled by someone else. Tonight is the debut of Mortal Kombat at Guard Crush.

Casuals from Orlando: Starting at 9 PM EST tonight. Spooky is actually in Orlando for CEO. Featured players:

  • Eduardo Perez, "PR Rog"
  • Tokido "The Murderface"
  • Gameberbee, Taiwan's Adon

Wednesday Night Fights11 PM EST tonight: Alex Valle and Level|Up's premiere weekly event. Tonight's WNF promises to be action-packed, due to many players being in town for E3 and this weekend's ReveLAtions. Featured players:
  • Sako, Cammy/Vampire Savior master
  • Wolfkrone, pad Viper and arguably the most consistent SSF4 player
  • ToXY, Australia's world warrior
  • Laugh, O.G. player from Korea
  • Infiltration, Korean rushdown/mix-up specialist
  • iPeru, Fuerte that placed second in EVO Online

CEO 2011, June 10 (10 AM EST) to June 12: An official EVO Tournament Season event, hosted by Jebailey. There are currently over 250 entrants in each of SSF4:AE and MVC3, and over 100 in MK. Featured players:

  • Justin Wong, needs no introduction
  • Marn, the excellence of execution 
  • Mike Ross, the people's champ
  • JS Master, Canada's best
  • Tom Brady, MK master
  • Perfect Legend, another MK master
  • James Chen, master commentator
  • Eduardo Perez, "PR Rog"
  • Tokido "The Murderface"
  • Gameberbee, Taiwan's Adon

ReveLAtions, June 10-12: Hosted by Level|Up and Tournament Legacy and offering over $30,000 in prizes. Featured players include:
  • Daigo, The Beast, AE's top Yun
  • Mago, 2D God and master AE Fei-Long
  • probably all of the above listed WNF attendees, unless they head to CEO

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