Thursday, March 31, 2011

Meet Chris G, Marvel Master

Rumor has it that Chris G has never lost an MvC3 tournament. Whether or not that's true, he made Marn look like he didn't know how to play at last night's Guard Crush. The above video shows him putting Yipes through the wringer at a recent Battlefield Arcadia tournament. The most surprising aspect of Chris G's domination is his team.

While Amaterasu and Wesker are clear standouts, Ryu has generally been considered the worst character in the game. Chris uses his jumping hard into light air tatsu to get in safely, while simultaneously being able to break any air-throw attempts. He's able to do serious damage with Ryu in combos or as a DHC from Wesker or Ammy. During any block-string he can X-Factor cancel into Ryu's quick low short, which leads to a huge combo and, usually, a quick KO of the opponent.

Another tactic that other players rarely use is the simultaneous team hyper combo. Chris uses Wesker's OTG gunshot to lift any floored opponent, then cancels into the team hyper. Ryu's Shinkuu Tatsu holds the opponent in place while Wesker gets all of his hits in. If Ammy is included, Wesker even gets to move again before the combo ends. The team synergy is just amazing; each character's assist has uses in extending the other characters' combos. I expext to see a lot more of Chris G's team in the coming months.

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