Thursday, March 3, 2011

Countering Hidden Missiles

I just wanted to share a quick note on Doom's Hidden Missiles assist. The main problem with it is that some missiles will get past and hit you even when you are punishing Doom with a combo. The solution I have right now is performed thusly: With Sentinel on point, I can tag Doom with s.H or c.H as soon as I see him. Some missiles will already be launched. Dormammu Purification assist will eat up those missiles while they are way up in the air. I can then continue my assault. Hulk can do the same with Gamma Wave and Dormammu assist. Hulk can continue hitting the downed Doom with Gamma Waves for as long as the opponent lets you get away with it. Dormammu can do repeated Purifications in much the same manner as Hulk can with Gamma Wave. Just perform the first one as soon as you see Doom. If a missile or two gets by, you can still hit Doom with more Purifications, even if you take a slight hit.

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