Wednesday, February 23, 2011

In the Lab with MvC3

I'm just taking a moment to let my loyal readers know that I'm aware I've been quiet lately. I've been deep in the lab with MvC3, finding out stuff for my characters that I haven't seen anywhere yet. I've got some nice, practical combos and set-ups with Hulk that do insane damage. I've got Sentinel specific combos that can nearly kill him off of a single instant-overhead hit, using only a level or two. Sadly, I've been mostly in training mode due to the online issues plaguing the game on both XBL and PSN (connection lost, match not found, etc.). I'm going to the GVN Winter Brawl tournament this weekend in Philadelphia, where I'll see how I fare against live opponents (spoiler: probably not so great). After this weekend, I plan to do similar research with basically every character. I'll take some videos of stuff that I find that I haven't seen elsewhere and post them here.

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  1. Did I mention I'm pro at this game and have yet to touch it?