Thursday, January 6, 2011

Haggar and Phoenix Announced for MvC3

Haggar and Phoenix were just announced for MvC3. Haggar seems to play a bit more like Hulk than Zangief, which is probably a good thing. He's got a command throw or two and a Level 3 grab super. He can even combo into a hammer-toss-style air grab. I didn't see any sort of Raidenesque dropkick in the video, but I'm still holding out hope for it.

Phoenix has a teleport, flight mode, and a few different projectiles. She has a super that puts a "Healing Shield" around her. Does it protect her from all attacks for a limited time? Does it absorb a certain amount of hits? It is unknown at this time exactly how it works. She does resurrect as Dark Phoenix (as rumored) when taken to zero life with 5 bars of super. As Dark Phoenix, she looks significantly more powerful. In fact, regular Phoenix looks rather like a weak character, especially in comparison to her second form.

Supposedly, Haggar and Phoenix will be playable at Capcom's "secret event" in Las Vegas tonight. The event won't be completely secret, since there will be a live stream. Details are here, along with a stream going on right now that doesn't have the two new characters available.

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