Wednesday, December 15, 2010

MvC3 Leaks Flow Like Wine

According to SRK, a Twitter account has been leaking a bunch of MvC3 info. Click here to read in its entirety. The Twitter account has since been suspended. Highlights include:

  • Phoenix and Hsien-Ko to be unveiled at Jump Festa this weekend.
  • Phoenix plays like a fire-based Trish.
  • Phoenix resurrects as Dark Phoenix if KO'd with 5 bars.
  • A huge phoenix appears on-screen when she rises.
  • Human Torch was completed, but his constant flaming caused slowdown.
  • Phoenix essentially replaced Human Torch.
  • Frank West was completed but got cut due to slowdown issues involving zombies.
  • A Marvel character had to be pulled to even out the roster: Shuma got yanked.
  • Shuma is complete. Jill is not.
  • Yet to be revealed: Sentinel, Taskmaster, Akuma, Haggar
  • Last stage to be revealed (for 8 total): Metro City
  • Galactus is the final boss.
  • M.Bison was considered as a Capcom villain, but Akuma won out.
  • Akuma has some interesting graphical touches.
  • There will be DLC stages and outfits, in addition to characters.
  • Juggernaut was canned in favor of Sentinel.
  • "I Wanna Take You for a Ride" plays during the end credits.
  • Mega Man was rejected early on. "Offers nothing unique."
  • S-Kill fought to have Storm and Sentinel included.
  • Elektra was nearly in the game.
  • Taskmaster has "borrowed moves" [ala Seth?] and a bow and arrow.
  • Haggar is very Gief-like, but has Final Fight touches, like weapons.
  • DLC will be coming throughout 2011.
  • Who the DLC characters will be is a well-guarded secret at this time.
  • Tests of online play were "equally smooth" from San Mateo to Japan as within San Mateo.
  • Capcom wanted Cyclops, but Marvel didn't.

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