Sunday, December 19, 2010

More MvC3 Leaks: Green Goblin is In?

According to Rileyknows on Twitter (as reported by SRK), there are two characters in the game that haven't been mentioned elsewhere. The Green Goblin, he claims, has a command throw and bladed bombs that function something like Marrow's bonerang. Ershin (pictured above), a robot from Breath of Fire, has charge moves, a counter, and a rocket punch. The leaks also suggest that DLC characters may include Phoenix Wright, Chuck Greene, and Megaman EXE.

Various other minor details revealed:

  • Characters have several colors by default, but separate outfits/models will be DLC.
  • Capcom characters' alt. models will be designed by Marvel (e.g. Ryu's resembles Iron Fist).
  • Magneto's alternate is "much better" than his default outfit.
  • Nemesis, as seen in the RE stage, was originally a playable character.
  • Seth insisted that Iron Man play like in MvC2, not like the movie version.
  • Frank West was supposed to be revealed as the helicopter pilot in the Episode 2 trailer.

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