Monday, November 15, 2010

Zero, She-Hulk in MvC3

Zero looks a bit different from his TvC incarnation, despite his similar normal attacks. He's got a full-screen super that he didn't have before, and his Rekkoha is no longer completely useless. At 50 seconds into his video, is he reflecting MODOK's projectile?

She-Hulk looks interesting. She's got some Fuerte-like luchador-style attacks, as well as an air-grab similar to Abel's Falling Sky. The difference is that her grab leaves the opponent stunned right in front of her when it hits. Her video has a hard cut at 1:02 that makes it look like she combos into her super air grab. Though this may be possible, the super lands completely independently. Look at the players' life bars and super bars right before the super flash. Here's the frame at 1:02 showing Trish getting grabbed:

Videos of the characters in action:

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