Monday, November 1, 2010

News in Brief

(and Zangief in briefs)

A few minor news items came and went recently without any mention from me, so I wanted to try to catch up with this little news-in-brief post.

  • SoCal Regionals will be attended by Japanese players Daigo, Sako, Tokido. Sako is known not only for his unrivaled execution, but also for his hesitance to attend tournaments. It should be quite a treat to see him compete [SRK].
  • NorCal Regionals (and now SoCal Regionals) will have playable MvC3. Will it be a new build? For the record, the ATL build was the same as NYCC build [John Choi].
  • A video of Scorpion shows off some of the possible combos in MK9 [Gamespot].
  • Mago continues undefeated in the latest Godsgarden Online tournament:

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