Monday, October 11, 2010

Tales of Comic Con: Vol. 3 - Miscellany

I saw some strange things this weekend! I'll start with MvC3 oddities:

I saw a glitch that had Captain America, as an assist character, stuck on screen and unable to move. I'm not sure what caused it, but after he did his assist (or maybe he was hit out of it), he remained on screen. The opponent was able to hit him multiple times, and not even in a single combo. The point character eventually got KO'd with Cap still somehow alive. Then Captain America jumped in and the on-screen Captain America disappeared. I wish someone had video of this so we could see how it was done. If this glitch remains and is reproducible, it could lead to problems, like MvC2 dead-body infinites.

Outside of MvC3, I saw some interesting stuff. There was a guy cosplaying as Q from Third Strike, which I fully respect. I took a picture with Keiji Inafune only to have the camera app on my phone crash in the process, losing the picture forever. I walked a few blocks away from the Javits Center to a McDonald's for lunch where hilarity ensued. The restaurant was packed with Comic Con attendees, and the crew at the counter was getting frustrated. "Sir, your food is ready! Hello?! Bunny ears! Bunny ears, pick up your food!" In the parking lot, I saw an argument between Goku and Magneto about who was stronger, the Saiyan or the mutant. Goku then quipped that they were polar opposites. The last thing I heard before I walked away was, "Screw you, Magnus!" Normally when I witness drama in Manhattan I tell myself "Only in New York," but this was definitely an "Only at Comic Con" experience.

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