Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Fate of Two Worlds in My Hands

Last night's Marvel vs Capcom 3 event was a blast, even though Capcom nearly got put on blast. I'm sure everyone had the same assumptions: Marvel would dominate the trivia contest, and Capcom would dominate the gaming portion. Well, it didn't go down quite the way everyone expected.

The trivia contest was tough. We got a few tricky Capcom questions wrong, not to mention the impossible Marvel questions. Most of the Marvel questions involved naming alien races or alternate dimensions that I've never heard of. Do you know what dimension Clea is from? Luckily, the trivia somehow ended in a tie.

Everything was now riding on the MvC3 tournament. First, all twenty competitors played ten exhibition matches. This allowed everyone a chance to play, as well as to select the three members from each team to compete in the actual tournament. Thankfully, my team backed me 100%. Next, I suggested SRK's NYN, due to his performance and obvious understanding of how to play fighting games. The team also respected this decision. The last member was a toss up between two of our better players whose names escape me right now. They settled the third spot with a game of rock-paper-scissors. We had a team, and we had a job to do.

The tournament was "Elimination Style." Winner would stay on, and losing players were eliminated. To win, the team had to eliminate all three opponents. We decided our team order: [Name I Forgot], NYN, then myself as anchor.

Marvel is on the Player 1 side. Capcom is on the Player 2 side. Here's the first game, where Marvel set the pace with a convincing win:

The next game was intense. NYN played great, but Marvel's player came back big-time. All NYN had to do was start chipping with Doom's Photon Array, but he got rushed down by X-Factor Morrigan and got caught by a surprising Level 3 Super.

Now the pressure was on me. I had to beat all three of Team Marvel's players to claim victory for Capcom. My first match was a total nail-biter. My opponent kept turtling, but I often hesitated to throw because I feared getting a slow, punishable hard attack instead. Even though I played too safely, I got caught in a quite a few Supers I shouldn't have. Despite all this, this match was the turning point for our team.

I took the next match without much trouble:

Now I was under immense pressure. I had to win this last match. Watching this, I'm disappointed in how often I dropped combos with Hulk. I think this was due to trying to start the air chain with a light attack, but I'll experiment with this more at Comic Con this weekend. Anyway, the final match, wherein I hold it down for Capcom:

Big thanks to Team Capcom members NYN for coaching me and Draxblood for the videos!

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