Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Capcom vs Namco (and Namco vs Capcom)

Rumors abound about Saturday's announcement. The prevailinig rumor is something I predicted a while back, Capcom vs Namco. Actually, the rumor is that there are two games in development: Capcom vs Namco, developed by Capcom, produced by Ono, and running on the SF4 engine; and Namco vs Capcom, developed by Namco, produced by Harada, and running on the Tekken 6 engine.

Having Capcom characters in a Tekken game might actually make me want to play it, as I've never been much of a 3D fighter fan. What Tekken characters do you want to see in the SF4 engine? What Street Fighters (or other Capcom characters) would you like to see in Tekken? I'm already imagining what they'd look like...

(Poster by SRK member BossLogix.)

My picks for SF4 enigne: Heihachi, Jack, Lei Wulong, Bryan Fury, Xiaoyu

My picks for Tekken enigne: Elena, Alex, Zangief, Adon, Balrog, Juri, Dudley, Sean, Hinata, Roy Bromwell, Daigo Kazama

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