Tuesday, May 3, 2011

PowerUp 2011 Mystery Tourney Grand Finals

The recent PowerUp fighting game tourney, an official EVO season event, held a mystery game tourney. Each round of the tournament featured a surprise, obscure game. PR Balrog was looking strong throughout the tournament, demonstrating great versatility in the various games. He reached grand finals in the loser's bracket, only to meet with Justin Wong. He beat Justin in Battleship to reset the bracket. The last event in grand finals was Windjammers on Neo Geo arcade hardware. The game is basically an enhanced version of Pong with arcade-style beach volleyball elements. Justin Wong won, leaving PR Rog incredibly salty. He's so salty, in fact, that he has publicly challenged Justin to a Windjammers rematch. He's hoping to get his revenge at UFGT in Chicago later this month. PR Rog will be practicing. Will Justin rise to the challenge? I'm hoping that this epic rematch happens, as it will surely be intense, and we'll get to witness some really high-level Windjammers play.

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