Saturday, May 28, 2011

JJJ's Unorthodox MVC3 Team

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As seen at UFGT7, player JJJ (see 24:00) has an interesting Morrigan/Storm/Felicia team. Morrigan and Felicia are often overlooked in Marvel vs. Capcom 3, but they do have a lot of potent abilities. Morrigan can cancel any of her specials into flight, then launch another special immediately. This allows her to plaster the screen with projectiles more efficiently than probably any other character. Felicia has several options when rushing down the opponent. She has a command throw, she has a side-switching command-dash, and she has quick overhead specials. In X-Factor, she has a simple loop that can be repeated until the opposing character is KO'd. The real strength of the team is the DHC glitch. From Storm's Elemental Rage super, JJJ can DHC to either Morrigan or Felicia and kill most characters in a single combo.

Another amazing trick JJJ uses is his setup with Morrigan on an entering opponent. I had to rewind the video several times to figure out what was happening: hard fireball, cancel into flight, air medium fireball, land, jump, airdash + call Felicia assist, air command throw. It looks nearly inescapable, regardless of what the entering character does. Of course, Sentinel could just Hard Drive to stay safe, but he's often the exception due to that super's almost total invincibility. Regardless, JJJ reminds us how every character in MVC3 can be deadly.

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