Monday, April 4, 2011

Spot the Fake Contest

What makes this picture an obvious fake? The picture on the back (of Dudley's super) is not from 3rd Strike; it is from the original Street Fighter 3: New Generation.

This is, however, not unprecedented on actual Capcom boxart. The first commenter to provide photographic proof of a Capcom fighting game with a screenshot from a totally different game on it wins a sealed copy of MvC3 for Xbox 360.

Rules: I reserve the right to decide what constitutes proper proof and to change these rules at my whim. I'm looking for a photo that clearly shows the entire side of the package containing the error, with said error clearly visible. If I don't like what I see, then that submission will not win. If I don't receive a winning submission within one week, I may end the contest without a winner. I have a specific game in mind, but would be pleasantly surprised if someone found another. Good luck, and happy hunting!
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    As i said to Carmine, I remembered it was a verses game. always count on Dreamcast to make mistakes.

  2. We have a winner! Marvel vs. Capcom (US) for Dreamcast has a screenshot of Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter (J) on the back of the package. It's a dead giveaway because Gouki is not even in Marvel vs. Capcom! How did nobody at Capcom notice that?!