Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Marvel vs Capcom 3 Swag Contest

Answer in the comments. First person to post all the answers correctly wins some MvC3 swag.

1) [X-Men vs Street Fighter] How do you do a Spinning Pile Driver with Rogue?

2) [Marvel Super Heroes vs Street Fighter] What is the question posed at the very beginning of the intro?

3) [Marvel vs Capcom] What is said when you add a coin to the arcade machine?

4) [MvC2] Name one character with a triple-jump.

5) [MvC3] What is the name of Super Skrull's multiple-punches move?


  1. 1. I know you have to kiss gief first and i think it is a dragon punch with kick?

    2. Are you ready true believers? (i'm ready for the enjoyment of a life-time! and yes it was)

    3. um...well considering that i think i might have played this game maybe twice in the arcade i would guess, "capcom"?

    4. psylocke

    5. Tenderizer i'm guessing since that you mentioned it in your blog that it is a move spammed.

  2. @B Sorry, but that is incorrect!

  3. he's lying too he played it with me at nathan's! fibber!!!

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. 1. You kiss gief for the steal then it's D, DF, F + any kick.

    2. Are you ready true beleivers?

    3. What I beleive it says is "Lets go Crazy, crazy!" However it also sounds like lets go kird ape, lets go tre day as well, lets go cray-dat, cray-dat. But i'll lock in on the answer in quotes.

    4. psylocke, I whipped the game out to confirm that game is fun....mvc3 is goina be a blast im sure...

    5. Tenderizer!

    Your SWAG is MINE! - Sheng Tsung

  6. The correct answers have been posted, and the contest is closed from further entrants.

    Here's the problem. The first entry that Michael deleted was (just barely) not correct. Then again, I never stated that you couldn't enter multiple times. However, B sent me the correct answers shortly after his incorrect response. We had both assumed that his first entry was final. This may have to be settled in-game.

    What say you, contestants?

  7. Becase I left off an S from true believer is why I redid it , that wasnt supposed to have happened. Also according to the rules, "the first person to POST the answers correctly wins.." I only see my answers as POSTED correctly here. However I'd be willing to fight it out if SSF4 is the game.

  8. Calm down there, fella. Michael wins. Congrab and all that. Also, why would a Marvel contest be decided in SSF4?

  9. You got a point there, it is marvel baby. Also no hard feelings to B...

  10. I also like how Marty had the answers immediately but just sat this one out.