Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Third Strike: Online Feedback Series

Iplaywinner.com has a series of articles proposing changes for the upcoming online edition of Street Fighter 3: Third Strike. Whether the game needs to be changed or not is currently hotly debated. I feel that while the game does not need to be changed, it could be changed, and this is our only chance to get a new revision. Third Strike is great as-is, but we already have that and can play it at any time. I'd love to see something new and different.

In this edition of IPW's series, Arlieth proposes quite a few specific changes, many of which I agree with wholeheartedly, as well as some that are probably game-breaking.

Change I Can Believe In:
  • Elena's c.MK special-cancelable: This is the single change I most want in the game. This alone will make Elena so much more competitive. She's got a great poking game, but it rarely leads to much damage. This will give her high/low guessing game serious power.
  • Q and Alex gain at least one low, cancelable normal
  • Alex f+HP sets up juggles: Great idea! Combo into Air Knee Strike or Stun Gun Headbutt.
  • Twelve having more ways to combo, and his dive move knocking down: I don't know about b+MK launching, but he needs something that lets him combo into more attacks
  • Yang's Senkyutai should be safer
  • Ryu's command normals improved: Make his f+HP, f+MP more useful
  • Dudley's Rolling Thunder damage buffed
  • Ken's Shinryuken improved: The solution is to revert it to the New Generation (original SF3) version. It a huge suction radius (like Rufus's EX Galactic Tornado), 2 stocks, and big damage
  • Chun nerfs
  • Yun nerfs: I think the Genei Jin may not need a longer bar, but there definitely needs to be restrictions on how meter builds during a post-Genei Jin juggle.
  • Generally making all Super Arts viable: It would be nice to have options with various uses.
Changes I Disagree With:
  • 25% projectile damage increase: This would make Urien and Akuma too powerful. It'd help Remy quite a bit though. Maybe a 15% increase just for Remy (and possibly Oro) would be more appropriate.
  • Yun/Yang Tenshin (flip-grab) puts them farther from opponent: This limits follow-ups to Tenshin to nothing but low attack x special, which almost defeats the purpose of using it.
  • Makoto stun nerfs: Her crazy stun potential is what makes her a threat.
  • Necro's Rising Cobra (overhead kick) throw invincibility: Why take away Akuma's and give it to Necro? Not necessary.

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