Friday, August 27, 2010

RUMOR: Yun & Yang Incoming? is currently going gaga over the above image, which may or may not be fake. The obvious implication is that Yun (skateboard) and Yang (rollerblades) will be in arcade SSF4. I'm not convinced that this image is real; however, I did take a close look at the ol' "twin dragons" in comparison to the character-select silhouette that was previously shown.

The bald-looking head may be a red herring. If we look at Yun's face from the front, his hat hides his hair. Also, in a silhouette, you would not see the brim of his hat. The shady character also seems to have prominent ears, just like Yun. I did some high-tech sleuthing by blacking out Yun's face in an illustration and flipping it horizontally. I think that if we could see behind that select portrait, we'd find a ponytail. What do you think?

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