Tuesday, August 3, 2010

EA's NBA Jam Scam

Warning: If you are a fan of NBA Jam, this news may seriously anger you. Reader discretion is advised.

EA is releasing NBA Jam on PS3 and 360, in addition to the previously-announced Wii version! Great news, right?! Not really...

NBA Jam for PS3 and 360 will be available ONLY as a downloadable extra included with NBA Elite 11. What's NBA Elite 11? It's the newly retooled and renamed NBA Live. You don't care? Of course, you don't! No one does! NBA Jam is an arcade game, not a simulation. I seriously doubt that NBA Jam fans have any interest in NBA Elite. This is just EA strong-arming people into buying their sub-par basketball game by holding NBA Jam hostage.

Oh, and did I mention that the PS3 and 360 versions are not the full game? EA, you have a new NBA Jam game! Sell it to your customers! I can't believe that something as anticipated as a new NBA Jam launch could be so completely mishandled.


  1. Maybe i'm just not reading this correctly but what is the big deal? So you buy NBA Elite 11 and get NBA Jam with it? Sounds good to me, yea i don't care about NBA Elite but w/e. Basically i'm buying a crappy game to get a good one

  2. You have to pay $60 for that crappy game and get what amounts to a feature-incomplete, downloadable demo of NBA Jam. The DL version is missing features that the Wii version will have. EA hasn't said which features yet.