Friday, June 18, 2010

E3 2010 Roundup - Part 3

Metal Gear Solid: Rising (trailer)

Not too much is known about this game yet. We do know that you play as Raiden and can use a sword to cut enemies, objects, and environments at any angle of your choosing. The production team is comprised of a different group of Kojima's staff than those headed up MGS4. The producer mentioned a system whereby slicing apart enemies and taking parts from them would give you some sort of energy or enhancements. There's still a lot to learn about this game.

Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword (trailer)

Miyamoto had some difficulty demoing this on stage at Nintendo's press conference. There was supposedly wireless interference due to all the electronic devices being used in the audience. Reportedly, the game worked great in private demos. The main conceit of the game is that you hold your sword and shield (Wii Remote and Nunchuck) in a sort of proper stance throughout the game. The enemies and puzzles will require you to strike and block at particular angles, based on visual cues. It seems to shake up the Zelda formula that's been getting stale lately, but it might not be completely revolutionary. Time will tell.

Sony Loves 3D

Sony's main focus was on 3D games. PS3 supports 3D already, as do some games like Wipeout HD and Super Stardust HD. Tons of upcoming games, including Mortal Kombat will support HD, and Killzone is the showcase 3D game. The only requirements are a new, expensive television; new, expensive glasses for each viewer; and a tolerance of dimmer, potentially uncomfortable viewing experiences. Is the novelty worth it?

Mortal Kombat (trailer)

This game looks incredible, and according to Giant Bomb, it runs at 120fps (60fps in 3D) in its current build. MK looks to reinvigorate the franchise, just as SF4 did by employing 3D graphics with classic 2D gameplay. Fatalities are back, and no characters from later than UMK3 are returning. The combo system looks more akin to MK2 than MK3. The game now has a sort of super meter that adds some new depth to the fighting system. The 3-part meter enables EX-style attacks for 1 bar, a combo breaker for 2 bars, and a devastating X-ray attack for 3 bars. I honestly can't wait to get to play this one. I hope Ed Boon brings this to show off at EVO.

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