Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Crying Fowl

Angry Birds is coming to Android!

I recently picked up an Android phone to replace my aging 2G iPhone. I didn't get rid of my iPhone, though, and the sole reason was to continue playing Angry Birds. By now, most people have heard of the game -- it has been the #1 game on the iTunes App Store for a while now. The developer also releases frequent (free!) updates that add new levels that challenge you to utilize your birds in different ways. If you have an iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad and haven't played it, you should download it (for just 99 cents) immediately. It's such a simple game, but somehow has a nice degree of depth, along with a charming presentation. Taking it to the evil pigs with your diverse assortment of birds just feels great, especially when you topple them in a single shot.

Soon, Angry Birds will see an Android release, and I'll be able to get rid of my old iPhone once and for all... except for that Monkey Island 2: Special Edition remake that's on the way.

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